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Welding: Begin your journey!

If you are interested in securing a spot for welding training by some of our best welders, make sure to sign up and register for the Welding Prep. CE0-19 course by going to the NEIEP website at www.neiep.org. We need a certain amount of union members to sign up to be considered, so please register by April 1, 2020 and spread the word to all members. If you need help logging in, you can reach neiep at 1-(800) 228-8220 or at support@neiep.org.

Upon consideration, we will receive the welding truck and begin scheduling for classes. You must log in, then navigate to the Online Training and Licensing page under Training. Select your bag size and register for the course.

We've provided the best instructors in our trade who can offer tips and tricks to passing the 3G and 4G combo welding certification, certifying you to weld in the 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F positions, and the 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G positions, on structural steel.

Welding Trailer


The Neiep welding truck provides 7 fully equipped welding stations plus an extra station for the instructor to provide 1-on-1 training with students. The stations are screened with protection, well ventilated smoke-eaters, and adjustable amp control knob. The 7018 rods are stored in a rod oven to eliminate all moisture for a more effectice strike and weld.



After you received your beveled practice plates, make sure to practice your stance and posture. The more relax you are, the less movements you make and the better of a weld you can provide. Try different techniques until you acquire ones that you are most comfortable doing.



It is good practice to use white chalk to make marks on your plate for reference on where to stop and start a weld. Always use the proper PPE and change the setting on your welding helmet when grinding.

Outfit Grinding


Our instructors are here to help you. Take advantage of their tips and tricks on performing better welds and improve your techniques.


Flux Root

You can also use the internet to find more useful information on becoming a better welder. Ask a union brother, find a shop and practice on your off time. Exhaust all your recources and never stop learning!

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